Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Audrey is currently in the Mt. Everest area. Internet service is minimal to non-existent. She will resume posting when she can.

Also please note: Times and dates in this blog are being displayed in China Standard Time, which is about 13 hours ahead of Memphis.


Geraldean and Judge said...

We are anxiously awaiting your blog about Mt. Everest. Know you will attach beautiful photos. Hope you are having a fabulous adventure.
Kay Overby is stopping by for a visit in the morning. Know she will miss seeing you.
Love you,
Geraldan and Judge

Chuck said...

Dear Audrey:

What? No cell towers on top of Everest? I'm sure it is only a matter of time.

Amy and I look forward to seeing your photos from the top. It must be surreal to stand in the open air at a height usually reserved for jet planes.

Watch your step.

Chuck Weirich